Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Night

Well, it is Monday again. The weeks are going by so fast these days. I guess the saying is true. "The older we get the faster the time goes by." I apologize, I don't know who actually said that. Anyway I had a really great time on Saturday with my sister Kathy and friend Patsy. Thanks girls, can't wait to do it again. The crop was buzzing with activity as people took out boxes of memories and lovingly placed them on beautiful layouts. There was much chatter at each table, people meeting new people and others seeing old friends. I did not get a lot of cropping done but, I did have fun. I saw many things and I even bought some things from some of the vendors. Sometimes it is just nice to get together with other women and chat. I did learn some new techniques and saw some new (to me) tools used for scrapbooking. And now I want them all!!!!!!! Some day, a little at a time I will have them. Meanwhile, I will play with the stuff my sister has or my friend has. I know they won't mind. Well gotta go for now. It is getting late. Night.
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