Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Card With Bling and More

This card is one I also made at Belinda's I love this kind of card. it is easy to make and can be used for a photo also. Can't you just see your granddaughter(s) posed in their Easter Sunday clothes? I can see mine there. I would love receiving it in the mail after Easter.

These cute little cards are so easy and cute! One is for a girl and the other a boy. It's my guess that you probably knew that. lol I am going to give them to my grandchildren. Oh, and I made these at Belinda's also.

Here is the card I had not finished before. It is prettier than the picture offers. I love making these cards, but there sure is a lot of glitter everywhere when working on these. Thanks for looking. Have a scrappy day!

Oops, Sorry

I am sorry. In my last post I mentioned my sister's blog, which is in my list of favorite blogs. I wrote it wrong. It should say katsscrapping. I recommend you check it out. She has many beautiful cards she has created posted there. Have a great day!

Cards With A Bling

Ok twice in one day! This has to be a record for me. LOL I have here some beautiful cards that I made at my friend Belinda's. We had a great time working on these yesterday. I noticed she posted her's too. You can find them at craftlady on my list of favorite blogs. The pink one with the roses is my favorite. BTW, these cards can be purchased (unfinished of course) at your local Walmart. They are MS . They come with the cards, envelops, and glitter. The background images were done with our collection of stamps from CTMH. Thanks Kat! You can find her creations on my link to Katsscrapbooking The kit comes with enough material to do 8 cards. As you probably figured out I still have some in progress. I have one nearly finished, which I will post later. And I may use one to embelish an explosion box, like my friend Belinda did. It is absolutely stunning! Thanks for looking.

little card

I am sorry but this is all that I had in my camera of the card I made for the baby shower we had on Sat. My son had my camera and it could be that he accidentally erased my pic of the front of the card. Alas, I no longer have the card. And it was a cute one too. I embossed the little elephant from cuttlebug and trimmed it to fit on the front and colored it and added some stickles to the eyes and flower that it was holding with its trunk. I wrote the saying myself as well. Feel free to use it if you wish. Well gotta go take more pics and put them in my puter before my son gets the camera again lol.

Have you made a memory today?