Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After his big brother opened his birthday gifts, they got to open their Christmas gifts we had saved for them. I think he like the sound of the paper more than what was inside lol.

I think he likes what he got. What a happy little boy!

This was his big brothers favorite gift. I believe his cousin got that for him. He loves to build with legos

This is what he has been waiting for! His mom said all he talked about for a week was the birthday cake. Of course like alot of children he ate a few bites and went off to play. lol Oh ya, and we all had green lips and teeth after eating it. lol

There he is checking out the cake really closely. Maybe the frosting was a bit too sweet.
Mommy and Sdad are in the background getting ready to serve the icecream.

We went to see our grandson for the first time on April 18. It was his big brother's birthday. It was such a joy to see him running and playing with his big brother and soon to be step dad. I am being very discrete because I think his mommy would feel more comfortable this way. I just wanted you to see how handsome my grandson is. Oh and I know I don't have to say it, but Marshall, my son is really proud of his boy. And was even more thrilled then I to see him. We will be seeing him again this weekend at his Grammy's house. He is the little boy in red and his big brother is in the white. His mommy is a very busy woman. She attends college full time, works, takes care of the boys and an apartment, and is due in the fall with a little sister or brother for the boys. Her husband to be, (sorry can't spell the other word, lol) also attends college and is helping her rais the children. I think they are doing a wonderful job! It will take a while for my grandson to get to know us because he is autistic. We are taking it slow and easy, allowing him to go at his own pace. I feel blessed and proud at the same time. It is just as if he were just born into the family. What a beautiful child he is. Doesn't he look alot like his big brother?
Ok enough of the mushy stuff! I will post again after the weekend visit.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Stationary Box

I have had this project done for a few weeks now and I am just now posting it. I am sooooo sorry it took me so long to take the picture. I really have no excuse either. Anyway this is the Stationary box when it is closed. It is very pretty with its glitter.
Now this is the way it looks when it is opened. A place for everything and everything in it's place. hmmm I wish my apartment was like that. lol This is a Thank You set. Regualr A2 cards, 3x3 cards, and tags of different styles and sizes. It has an address book and a place to store stamps and a pen. This would make a great gift!

Here you can see all the pieces (except the envelopes) I will put them in too. I forgot them for the pic. Anyway you can see the embossing if you click on the pic to enlarge it. I love the colors! Most of the paper is cardstock from Prism collection I purchased at MW. The sparkly cardstock is from a stack I purchased at A.C. Moore. The ribbon I also got at A.C. Moore. Love that store! Thank you for looking.
Have a scrap happy day!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Think Spring!

Wow! It has been a long time since I have posted on my blog. I made a card today to celebrate the arrival of spring. I also made this card for a challenge on the MemoryWorks Message Board.
I had to use 80% to 90% of MW products, which I believe I have accomplished. I have been trying to resize the photo to fit is onto the Idea Galary.
Update: I was able to resize it and it is posted in the Idea Galary on MemoryWorks Message board. Ok I am off of tonight.
God bless ya and thanks for looking.

Have you made a memory today?