Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Night

Well, it is Monday again. The weeks are going by so fast these days. I guess the saying is true. "The older we get the faster the time goes by." I apologize, I don't know who actually said that. Anyway I had a really great time on Saturday with my sister Kathy and friend Patsy. Thanks girls, can't wait to do it again. The crop was buzzing with activity as people took out boxes of memories and lovingly placed them on beautiful layouts. There was much chatter at each table, people meeting new people and others seeing old friends. I did not get a lot of cropping done but, I did have fun. I saw many things and I even bought some things from some of the vendors. Sometimes it is just nice to get together with other women and chat. I did learn some new techniques and saw some new (to me) tools used for scrapbooking. And now I want them all!!!!!!! Some day, a little at a time I will have them. Meanwhile, I will play with the stuff my sister has or my friend has. I know they won't mind. Well gotta go for now. It is getting late. Night.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Have You Ever Seen One of These Up Close?

Woe!!!!! Have you ever seen one of these up close and personal? And, no that is not my hand. I found this pic on line when I was looking for what kind of spider I had encountered one cool spring morning when I attempted to enter the laundry room. A spider that looked exactly like this one was creeping along the cement floor right across the doorway where I was standing. I stood there in shock not believing my eyes. It moved very, slowly across the floor closer and closer to the washing machine. I was totally creeped out by its long, hairy, legs as each one moved menacingly along carrying its fat, hairy, body along the gray, cool, floor. I gasped for air and stepped back and turned toward my son's room. Not realizing how loud I was I began to pound on his door, yelling, "Nathan, you need to come out here and see this!" Keeping my eye on the creepy crawler, I pointed to it when Nathan opened his door. (His bedroom was near the laundry room.) He said "Oh my God! But, I was the hysterical one. Screaming, I said" Oh, you gotta kill it Nate! Grab a shoe and kill it!" So he went back into his room and grabbed a shoe and went out to kill it. After a few seconds of chasing it, the dirty deed was done. Nathan then proceeded to go back to his room leaving the splattered, dead, spider in the path to the washing machine. My reaction was, "Eew! Please clean that up!" So he grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned up the glob and threw it into the flush. "Thank you Nathan, thank you so much! You are my hero." This is a true story. I had never seen a tarantula on the loose before. I have seen them only on TV. That was enough for me. I think back to that day and I am really sorry I had it killed. I should have put it into something and found out where it came from. I was so hysterical I just lost it. Even now when I look at the picture I quiver. If I saw one again I would probably call my hit man (lol) and have it killed. So all you arachnid lovers please forgive me.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Still Snowing Here

Yup! It is still snowing here. In the first picture you can see my husband behind the car. Believe it or not he is clearing off his car so he can go back to work. The time was about 1:00pm. You can't even see his car behind mine. Actually he is driving my car (the one he is clearing off) and I use his car. That's another story. The second pic I just took at about 2:45pm. I think you're getting the idea. LOTS OF SNOW HERE!!!

I Wonder Why?

Hi again. No pics this time. I just wanted to comment on my blog. No I'm not being conceited, lol. I just wonder why the time is not correct. For instance, it is 1:43 pm now but when I post this, the time will be different. Mmmmmm just don't get it and I don't know how to fix it either. If anyone knows please let me know how. Thanks.

Another Nor'easter in Maine

Here we go again! Another Nor'easter in Maine is whirling outside my door. We had lost a lot of snow over the past week. We could even see some grass in the front yard. I apologize for not taking pictures then. Today I did take pics of the falling snow I would like to share with you. Notice the car in the first pic. That was taken at about 11:15 am and the car in the next pic was taken one hour later. The third pic was taken at about 12:45. My husband came home for lunch today and he said the roads were very slick. Thank God the community college my son attends canceled today. I am a wreck when I have to drive in this kind of mess.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Close Up

I tried to get a better picture of the earrings, close up to see if I could capture the sparkle. I'm not sure it worked. Perhaps I need a different background.

My Sparkling Creation

Hello there. I am back again. Tonight I thought I would share with you something I created. I am so excited! Several days ago I went shopping with a friend and was able to purchase some very pretty beads at a discount price. With a new found enthusiasm I created this beautiful necklace and earring set. I wore this set to church this morning and received compliments on it. I have made many necklaces and other types of jewelry in the past but, I must say I believe this set is my favorite. I enjoy creating jewelry pieces, especially when I have good quality beads to work with. On my budget that is not often enough. I do make nice pieces that are inexpensive to make so I can sell them at a real reasonable price.
The picture doesn't do this set justice! but it is the best I can do. It is very pretty and has just the right amount of sparkle when the light hits it! The beads are faceted round metal, faceted bicone smoke and faceted bicone black, strung on double bead thread and secured with bead tip covers, attached with silver jumprings with a silver screw on clasp. It is elegant and can be worn with formal or casual attire.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Other pics of Frankie

I can't stay on long this afternoon. I am on my way to the shower, (tmi?) and then to my Dad's to do some errands for him. He is a sweet old man who has been living alone since Mom died. It is difficult for him to get out during the winter months, especially this winter. He has emphysema and the cold makes it very hard for him to breath even though he has oxygen.
Well, let's get back to Frankie the cat. These pics are Soooooo Funny! This cat thinks he is some precious fur or something! The man Frankie is adorning is my husband Scott.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What shall I write?

Well It is 10:10 pm. I am sitting at my kitchen table while my two sons are watching the special features of one of Nate's movies. It is the remake of Halloween.
I haven't written anything for a couple of days and I thought it was time I did. so I thought I would pick a picture I had taken recently and talk about it. I choose this picture of my cat Frank
Frank is about 11 years old. He came into our family as the smallest kitten from the litter but now you can see he has grown! He is a very strange kitty. As you notice he has his food and water on the sideboard and not on the floor. Well, I don't know exactly why, but he hates walking on the floor. The heat is in the floor and I think it bothers his feet to walk on it. We discovered it when he stopped eating and was loosing weight. Well as you can see he doesn't mind eating on the counter top, lol.
He is such an affectionate cat. He thinks nothing of climbing into my lap and laying across my chest and resting his head on my shoulder. I wonder if he thinks he is a human baby? He also likes to get on the table and bug me while I am working on something or even when I am trying to eat. That is where I draw the line and put him onto the counter where he eats. Maybe that's why he is sooooo fat now!? When he wants something he sits and stares at me (just like you see in the picture). He expects me to read his mind. when I try to ignore him he will give me a nibble on my hand. That gets my attention.! When it is cold or rainy out he hates to go out and he gets irritable and takes it out on anyone he can. He will climb all over us, take his bath on our lap.eeew! That can be offensive at times especially after he has eaten, pu bad breath! He is a very pretty cat and he loves people, especially when he has every one's attention. The only time he runs and hides is when there are a lot of people around like last Christmas. If our family is sitting around the table talking he will come onto the table and make his presence known to each one, pacing from one person to the other until everyone has made of him. He is a great friend but I hate sharing the bed with him. He is a bed hog and he likes to sleep on my feet. I think he likes having his pic taken because he seems to pose for them. I will post more pics of him later. Frankie is a special part of our family He is a cat with personality, attitude, and tenacity. We love him and we'll miss him when he is gone.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pictures of the snow

I have taken the pics of the snow around the building we live in hope it gives you an idea of how much snow we have. It has gone down just a little because of the warm weather today but I think you will get the idea.

The First Day

Well here I am on my blog, for the first time. I have never done this before so it may seem slow in progress. I am one who learns as I go. Anyway I would normally be in church today but I stayed home with my son who is sick, maybe the flue. Hope he is better soon. For anyone who is interested in finding a good church check out the website This is a church where everyone is welcome. It has a caring and very relaxed atmosphere.
For anyone who is reading this from afar, It is a very snowy winter thus far in Maine. We'v had at least one snow storm per week in the month of Dec. Today is Jan. 6th and we have snow banks sooooo high now that we take our life in our own hands when we try to drive through town. When ever we get to an intersection we have to pull out into the road to see if any cars are coming. There have been many close calls. I will try to get a picture of my yard to post for anyone who is interested.

Have you made a memory today?