Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What shall I write?

Well It is 10:10 pm. I am sitting at my kitchen table while my two sons are watching the special features of one of Nate's movies. It is the remake of Halloween.
I haven't written anything for a couple of days and I thought it was time I did. so I thought I would pick a picture I had taken recently and talk about it. I choose this picture of my cat Frank
Frank is about 11 years old. He came into our family as the smallest kitten from the litter but now you can see he has grown! He is a very strange kitty. As you notice he has his food and water on the sideboard and not on the floor. Well, I don't know exactly why, but he hates walking on the floor. The heat is in the floor and I think it bothers his feet to walk on it. We discovered it when he stopped eating and was loosing weight. Well as you can see he doesn't mind eating on the counter top, lol.
He is such an affectionate cat. He thinks nothing of climbing into my lap and laying across my chest and resting his head on my shoulder. I wonder if he thinks he is a human baby? He also likes to get on the table and bug me while I am working on something or even when I am trying to eat. That is where I draw the line and put him onto the counter where he eats. Maybe that's why he is sooooo fat now!? When he wants something he sits and stares at me (just like you see in the picture). He expects me to read his mind. when I try to ignore him he will give me a nibble on my hand. That gets my attention.! When it is cold or rainy out he hates to go out and he gets irritable and takes it out on anyone he can. He will climb all over us, take his bath on our lap.eeew! That can be offensive at times especially after he has eaten, pu bad breath! He is a very pretty cat and he loves people, especially when he has every one's attention. The only time he runs and hides is when there are a lot of people around like last Christmas. If our family is sitting around the table talking he will come onto the table and make his presence known to each one, pacing from one person to the other until everyone has made of him. He is a great friend but I hate sharing the bed with him. He is a bed hog and he likes to sleep on my feet. I think he likes having his pic taken because he seems to pose for them. I will post more pics of him later. Frankie is a special part of our family He is a cat with personality, attitude, and tenacity. We love him and we'll miss him when he is gone.
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