Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Have You Ever Seen One of These Up Close?

Woe!!!!! Have you ever seen one of these up close and personal? And, no that is not my hand. I found this pic on line when I was looking for what kind of spider I had encountered one cool spring morning when I attempted to enter the laundry room. A spider that looked exactly like this one was creeping along the cement floor right across the doorway where I was standing. I stood there in shock not believing my eyes. It moved very, slowly across the floor closer and closer to the washing machine. I was totally creeped out by its long, hairy, legs as each one moved menacingly along carrying its fat, hairy, body along the gray, cool, floor. I gasped for air and stepped back and turned toward my son's room. Not realizing how loud I was I began to pound on his door, yelling, "Nathan, you need to come out here and see this!" Keeping my eye on the creepy crawler, I pointed to it when Nathan opened his door. (His bedroom was near the laundry room.) He said "Oh my God! But, I was the hysterical one. Screaming, I said" Oh, you gotta kill it Nate! Grab a shoe and kill it!" So he went back into his room and grabbed a shoe and went out to kill it. After a few seconds of chasing it, the dirty deed was done. Nathan then proceeded to go back to his room leaving the splattered, dead, spider in the path to the washing machine. My reaction was, "Eew! Please clean that up!" So he grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned up the glob and threw it into the flush. "Thank you Nathan, thank you so much! You are my hero." This is a true story. I had never seen a tarantula on the loose before. I have seen them only on TV. That was enough for me. I think back to that day and I am really sorry I had it killed. I should have put it into something and found out where it came from. I was so hysterical I just lost it. Even now when I look at the picture I quiver. If I saw one again I would probably call my hit man (lol) and have it killed. So all you arachnid lovers please forgive me.
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