Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Small Album

Ok, here I am again. I hear that my public awaits for more blogs from me. lol (This is for you Kat.) So I have been working on a small album of my grand daughter. I have all the pages started with pics in them but, I am still embellishing them. So I only have the first three pages. I hope you like it. It was hard to choose the pics to fit it because I have so many of Ophelia when she was a baby. When I get around to doing my grandson's, I will have to get some pics from his mom. I hope she has plenty. I don't have as many baby pics of him. He didn't live with us when he was a baby, like Ophelia did. I have both Ophelia and River on Saturday nights and they go with us to church on Sunday morning. They are in a puppet skit this Sunday so I will try to get some good pics then. I love having my grandchildren over. They are the best age now when we can do things together, like playing games, watching movies, even scrapbooking. They are a joy in my life.

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