Tuesday, June 11, 2013

special cards and a gift

I have made a few things lately and thought I would post pictures today.  I will start with the card I made for a very special couple, who celebrate their Birthdays very close together.  

We gave them the card last week and they just loved it. And of course they loved the gift card for /Wrangler's Restaurant.

 Now this little project is called the Envelope Box.  I made it for my friend, who uses the envelope system for her budget.  She just loved it and said it is working perfectly for her.  I am so glad she likes it.

Now this card is for someone special who will be graduating from college soon.  I hope to have some money to add too it by that time.  I think I will have time enough for that.  Now I am going to go to work on making a similar card like this for my grand daughter who is graduating 8th grade this week.  I will post the pictures when it is finished.   Tootles for now.

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