Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello everyone.  I am back. And so soon!  I have some pictures to share with you tonight.  I made a "mini" album (its really not that mini), but it is smaller than a 12x12. 
 I made this album for my Aunt Merna.  Her daughter planned a surprise Birthday party for her a couple of weeks ago.  Aunt Merna was so surprised she cried.  She loved this book. She was so excited. She told us that she had many loose pictures and now she has a place for them.  So glad you liked Auntie.

I made the cover simple. And I added the butterflies because I knew how much Aunt Merna loves butterflies.

 This is the spine.  It is hard to tell but the elements are 3D.

 This is the front inside cover and the first page.
As you can see there are some tabs on the first page.  Pulling those tabs reveal matted tags that fit nicely in the pockets.  The tab on the center right reveals a large tag with more matting for pictures.
 As you can see on this pic, I pulled out a couple of tags so you can see them.

 This double page layout has some small pockets in toward the binding with a few tags to journal on.

 Another double layout with more tags for photos and journaling.

 This tag is one of the longer ones which came from the bottom right side.

 I pulled the large tag out partially so you can see how there is more real estate for pics.
 These are more journaling tags and for more pics which fit in the small pockets near the binding.

 Here I pulled a large tag out of its pocket so you can see the pretty paper I chose from my stash of K&Company stacks.  Can you tell I like flowers?
 This is the last page of the album.  I think Aunt Merna will be having fun filling up these beautiful pagers. And then showing it off to her friends when they stop in for coffee.
This is the back cover.  I kept it plain and simple because the paper is so pretty.  Enjoy your album, Aunt Merna.  

And thank you for stopping by.
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