Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Project

Hi everyone. It has been a challenging 2 months. At this time my DH and I are staying at my Dad's while he is recovering from an infection. He has emphizema (spell). When he has a cold or in this case bronchitis, the empizema stirs up as well. It is taking a very long time for him to overcome this set back. Meanwhile I stay with him to help him like with cooking and real basic stuff for him. The cleaning that I cannot do for him gets down by people from Helping Hands. Thank God for them. After getting into a routine, I have begone to work on some of my paper crafting. So this post is to show you what I have been able to accomplish during quiet times. In the photos above you will see the Giant Nugget Box I made. I found the directions to make the box from It is fun to make, but hard to resist the chocolates. Most of the products I used to make the box, cards and nugget wrappers come from my own business; MemoryWorks. I have placed a sizable order from "myself" and am now creating different things to showcase the products I sell. If you are interested in checking out my website please go to Create you own account to get your very own shopping cart. Then go to "shop our products." There you will find a large variety of scrapbook supplies from many companies. Check out Simple Stories, the exclusive scrapbook system by MemoryWorks. As soon as I get my kit and supplies I will be posting my simple story here as it progresses. If you are looking for directions for the cards, envies, and nugget wrappers, go to "my blog" on my website. I will be posting the directions there soon.
I hope you are having a happy scrapfilled day.
Thank you for stopping by.
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