Monday, September 1, 2008

Very Pretty Cards

This stamp is a House Mouse I believe. I love the sentiment on this card "A good friend is like a warm cup of coffee." That is sooooo true. I love warm coffee. It gives me a sense of the warm fuzzies. And I love chatting over a warm cup of coffee with a dear friend!
This is the inside of the card. It looks like a good place to put a pic of you and your friend sitting and enjoying a good cup of coffee; doesn't it!

Except when I was a kid, I never really liked Halloween. But, just recently I have been enjoying making Halloween cards. They are soooooo cute. This card I believe is House Mouse. The candy corn costumes and candy is colored with colored pencils and then coated with liquid glass to give it a shinny coat.

This is the inside of the Happy Candyween card. The little spide is taken from a punch. Thank God it is not real. I am petrified of real spiders. If you've read my blog in earlier posts, you will see just how scared I am of these creepy crawlers! The paper ones are fine. I don't tend to kill them. hee hee

I think this is my favorite card so far. I love flowers, especially when they are 3D. Don't know if you can see it but, there is glitter on the centers of the flowers and on the green background stem of (?) not sure if it is suppose to be baby breath or something like that hee hee. I may like flowers but, I am no gardener! I have never been good at keeping them alive. So I love the paper ones. They work much better for me. But, I don't turn down a bouquet of real flowers when ever my husband is inclined to give me some. hee hee
This is the inside of the "Happy Everything" card. the pic does not do it justice either. I'm thinking I need a new camera. (It is an old digetal camera)

This is a cute Christmas card. The trim around their hats has gold glitter on them. I like glitter, incase you didn't know. LOL If you can see the card has some gold thread sewn into the paper. I thought the gold on the hats would kinda bring it all together.

This is the inside of the card. I just love the gold thread and the cute little button shaped like a gift wrapped box. The paper is very christmasy! (is that a word? lol) Anyway I love it!

Don't you just love these cute little hedge hogs. I'm not sure if this stamp is Penny Black. But I think it is. This card is so whimsical! I love it.

This is the inside of the "Hedge Hogs bearing a gift for you." This pic does not do it justice! The colors are very pretty and elegant.
I went to a card shop at my sisters, where about 8 good friends gathered to make all these lovely cards. I have really enjoyed making these cards. Thank you Sis for having us over and for all the hard work you put into making these card kits for us at such an unbelivably low cost! You're the greatest!!
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